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How Well do You Sleep? (Backup & Assurance)

Ideally, you can access your data from anywhere, work on it securely, and know that you can recover previous versions if necessary. With Managed IT Services in Raleigh from SAVIT Group, You and other authorized users can find what you need easily and access it quickly. Private and confidential data is protected in accordance with its level of sensitivity and all data is backed up securely. Finding the right balance between convenient data access and effective data protection has important implications for your operations, both from a productivity point of view and for compliance with legal requirements.

  • Develop a storage strategy for your data. While you may allow employees to store unimportant documents locally, most company data should be stored centrally in digital form. Once your files are organized in a central electronic storage system, you can decide how much protection each type of file needs and how to implement data protection and backup.

  • Different types of data require varying levels of protection. You may protect all your data by requiring a log-in from all users of your network, but such generalized protection is often not enough for sensitive files. Data access based on the identity of the user, established with a particular user name and password, is a common control strategy, but someone impersonating the real user can gain unauthorized access to data. Additional folder-level password protection can restrict access to large numbers of files and additional file-level password protection can be used for the most sensitive materials. You can use a pocket-sized random key generator to create changing passwords and help establish identity for high levels of data protection.

Your company often has strategic, financial or organizational documents that may require the highest protection. The personal data of customers and employees is subject to legal protection requirements and specific private information, such as credit card numbers or medical data, requires high levels of protection. Key issues for such protected files are easy access for authorized employees and integrated backup. Text-based search, even for documents that were originally scanned as images, is an important access tool. A backup system that saves recent versions of files allows employees to recover from unwanted changes and data entry mistakes.

Such complex interacting features lead many businesses to hire specialists to design their data management systems. Centralized remote storage, possibly in the cloud, can be an attractive option. You have to ensure that potential suppliers are competent, have the required experience and an excellent track record. Typically such companies are focused on security, data protection, reliable backup and easy access. Your company can concentrate on its business, leaving the provision of the IT resources required for data management to outside experts.



Whether your company decides to keep data management in house or outsource some of the functions, an integrated approach to data protection, backup and data recovery is a key strategic element of your company’s operations. A lack of consistency in this area leaves companies open to data loss, data corruption and leaked data. Implications can include loss of business and legal sanctions. Managed IT Services will help your organization protect data and reduce cost at the same time. Ask Us for your Free on-site Information Security Assessment.


Brief BIO: Steve has a Master's Degree in Information Sciences | Cyber security and Assurance from the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. In addition, he maintains certifications related to Microsoft systems / network management; CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional); CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor). Steve is also a certified Lead Implementer for the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security framework and Lead Risk Manager for ISO/IEC 27005.

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